How it works

Do you need a website? Would you like it for FREE?
Yes really – I will create a three page website for you or your business using WordPress, the most popular website building software in the world, for nothing. You pay exactly:

Nil, nada, zippo, zilch, gratis, zero, 0, nought, zip!

Why free?
I make my money from the hosting costs, which are still unbelievably cheap – just £6 per month (or £60 if you pay for a year in advance). Hosting costs have to be paid by everyone who has a website, so this is an added expense you’ll have no matter who designs your website.

Why should you trust your website to me?
I have years of experience designing and running websites. Check out my about me page for more information and my portfolio page for examples of my work.
I work on one website at a time and you get to see it before you decide if you want to have it published on the Internet. Only when you’re happy am I happy.

Is it for me?
Even though it’s free, my service may not be suitable for you, so to see if we are a match made in heaven please take a look at what I do, and what I don’t do, for free.

What about changes and updates to my website afterwards?
Once you’ve paid your hosting fees and the website is published on the Internet, I can show you how to update it yourself – it’s easy – that way there are no additional costs to pay in the future. Of course I can update your website for you if you prefer – check my services page for prices.

Best of all – in a couple of years time when your website is starting to look a bit dated, it can take on a whole new look in just a couple of hours. Imagine a whole new design without having to fork out hundreds of pounds, and, for an amazing £20, I’ll have it done in a jiffy!

Have a look at the history of the design of these famous websites. If they hadn’t updated, just see what would be on your screens now. They’d be a laughing stock. This way it won’t happen to you.

History of and’s website design.