History of website design

Take a look at these very famous and popular websites over the years. Always at the forefront of design and using the cutting edge applications of the day, these websites show you how you can never stay still.




bbc1997_sm ¬†About.com hadn’t yet launched a website
The first BBC website back in 1997. It appears so small because most computer screens were 600px x 400px resolution. This image would have filled the screen of a 1997 computer!


bbc2000_sm about2000_sm
Notice how both website have very few pictures. This was because most people had to use a dial-up modem to connect to the internet and it took much longer for images to appear than text.


bbc2005_sm about2005_sm
A few small images are beginning to appear as partof the design. It was considered normal to have to scroll down the page to see more information. Important content was always ‘above the fold’ though where it would be seen straight away.


bbc2010_sm about2010_sm
Still very few images but a larger format now as lots of monitors are 1024 x 768px


bbc2014_sm about2014_sm
The latest versions of their websites are much larger to suit the widescreen formats today and also make good use of images. The size an dnumber of images on a page is no longer an issue, and in fact visual clues to content is considered more user friendly and of course, more pleasing on the eye.