I’m Sue (Sioux – get it?!) Williams, and I have been building and running websites since 1998 – far longer than almost any other designer you’ll find working today. Check out my portfolio page for examples of my work.

About.com_smAfter starting off by building hobby websites, in 2001 I had gained enough experience to begin working for About.com, which was then the 8th most visited site on the Internet. I ran the UK Small Business part of About.com until they decided that they no longer wanted to have UK based employees.

I then went into partnership with another UK About.com ‘Guide’ (as we were called), and created our own network, called All Info About which we grew from nothing to 3 million page AIA_smviews per month.

Whilst running our network I was also helping to build and run the Telford and Wrekin Council’s website, which I did for 2 years, and then moved to The Wrekin Housing Trust where I designed and oversaw the building of a new version of their website twice.

I then moved on to Telford and Wrekin CVS where I designed and built their website using a WordPress template, but what they call a premium one, not a design I offer in my free service!

IDM_smI’ve also got a certificate in Digital Marketing from the Institute of Digital Marketing, and when I first created my sioux.co.uk website, I moved it up the Google rankings, from unlisted to page one in 48 hours!

As you can see, I am experienced in all aspects of building, running and marketing websites.