Why do I build a 3 page website for FREE?

  •  Because I love building websites – and I’m FAST. Ask me to design your website today, and by the end of tomorrow, I’ll have a first draft ready for your comments and feedback.
  • Yes I know you could use a free website builder like Wix – but do you really want to spend the time doing that, when I’ll do it for you for NOTHING?


Here are some of the other ways I can help you

Give you a login so you can update your website yourself (I’ll help you to begin with)

*Create your graphics

*Submit your website to over 100 search engines and directories

*Add extra pages

*Update your website to a new design (only for websites that I created initially)

*Create a Facebook business page to complement your website design

Keep your version of WordPress updated with all the new security updates

*Update your website for you

* extra charges are involved for these. Find out more

 Is this service right for you?

Yes – if you’re a new business starting out

Yes – if you don’t have much spare capital to splash out on a bespoke website design, but want a professional Internet presence that will complement your business

Yes – if you want to be able to update your website by yourself when I’ve finished it (although I can do it for you if you prefer for a small monthly fee)

No – if you have an idea for your website and nothing else will do. I do NOT build bespoke websites for free. BUT I will build a website you’ll be proud of

No – if you want an online shop/ecommerce. I will do 3 Paypal buy buttons as part of my service but no online shops.